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Garment Embroidery

Embroidery is the embellishment of fabric or garments with a decorative design made up from a series of stitches. Where as traditionally this was done by hand, now most embroidery work is done using computerized machines.

Using a framing/hooping system, the garment material is held taught, and placed underneath the needle, which is guided by a file made up of computerized/digitized commands.

Each machine has a series of 'Heads/stations' which determines how many garments can be embroidered at the same time. Our overall capacity enables us to embroider between 5,000-10,000 units per week.

Each head contains up to 15 different needles, meaning that each embroidered design can incorporate up to 15 different coloured threads. This means that quite complex, multi-coloured designs can be achieved.

There are a variety of different sized/shaped frames available which enables a us to provide decoration for your garments in multiple positions:

  • Chest - Left Right & Centre
  • Sleeves - Left, Right / Cuff, Forearm or Shoulder
  • Back

Embroidery Images

1. Digitizing Software. This is where the command file is created that instructs the machine what to sew, and in what order. Each different colour represents a different needle colour.

2. Embroidery machine. A garment is 'Framed' up & loaded under each separate 'Head'. Depending on the machine, there can be between 1 and 20 heads running at one time.

3+4. Needles in action. Each needle is threaded up with a different coloured thread, and therefore automatically changes needle when a diffrerent colour is required in the design (as instructed by the computerized file command)

5. Finished Garment. After each colour is sewn, the needle automatically trims the thread, to result in a neat, clean embroidered design.

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Benefits of Embroidery

- High Quality, durable finish
- Complex, multi-coloured design achievable
- No deterioration with washing/laundering
- Versatile, can be sewn on most types of garments, in most positions