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Leavers F.A.Q's

How many Colours can I order?

You can have as many different coloured Hoodies within the order as you like, although lots of customers limit the options they offer to make the admin / sorting easier.

Embroidered Crest Options

The embroidered Crest can be sewn in full colour if required, and can include any text above/below (within reason). If there is text above or below the crest, this is usually sewn in Black (onto Light coloured hoodies) and White (onto Dark coloured hoodies), unless otherwise requested or agreed with Actifwear. This text has to be Generic (i.e same on every garment).

Print Colours

For orders where there are multiple colours of hoody within the order, the print colour (of back design or Nickname) will be Black (onto Light coloured hoodies) and White (onto Dark coloured hoodies). If there are only 1 or 2 different hoody colours within the order, a different print colour may be requested (if agreed with Actifwear), although there may be extra charges involved (subject to knowing full design details)

Font Styles

The standard Font style used for Embroidered Nicknames is VAG Rounded, as this give s the clearest definition. For printed nicknames we use IMPACT as standard, although there are several different styles available (see below). If you had a specific Font style in mind then we would be happy to consider this, if practical.

Name / Year Designs

All of our ‘Name/Year’ designs are created uniquely, with each name being placed individually within the design, not using any automated software. We believe this gives a more balanced overall look.

Each design will vary depending on how many names are being incorporated, which means that sometimes names will have to be duplicated, triplicated or quadrupled to give a balanced, uniform design.

As each different name varies greatly in length, this means that some names fit certain areas of the design better than others. Consequently, customers cannot specify where certain names appear (i.e friends next to each other, or alphabetically). Similarly, some names may have to be ‘stretched’ width ways in order to fill a specific gap, although the font size will not be affected.


When personalising your garment, there is the option of having the nickname embroidered or printed. Similarly, there is a choice of what position to have the nickname. Most embroidered Nicknames are done on the R.Chest opposite the Crest, or on the sleeve at the top, and measure a maximum of 11cm wide, with a character limit of 15.

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